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Glasses in Sattler
Extremely friendly. They seem to have a nice collection of glasses as well - I will definitely be coming here to shop for eyeglasses in the near future
Karen S.

Glasses repairs
Canyon Lake Optical is a great place. They are friendly, fast, informative.
Vicky R.

Canyon Lake Optical

Welcome to Canyon Lake Optical located in Sattler. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, friendly and compassionate eye care service to our customers. We believe that clear, comfortable vision is your right and our priority. We offer the finest & most unique styles of designer frames and sunglasses for adults and children. Our friendly and professional staff is here to help you and provide genuine customer service. Our greatest satisfaction comes from improving your vision and enhancing your quality of life.

Services and Products Offered Include:

  • Prescription Eyewear
  • Computer Wear
  • Large Selection of Eye Wear for every style and budget
  • Unique Designer Frames and Sunglasses
  • Eyeglasses Repairs
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High Definition Lenses

When we decided to open Canyon Lake Optical we made a choice to provide only the most advanced spectacle lenses. These premium lenses are still so new that they are described in a variety of different ways:

  • Digitally Customized Lenses
  • High-Definition Lenses
  • Free Form Lenses
  • Fully Compensated Lenses

They all mean the same thing; The clearest most accurate lightweight lenses you have ever worn. You’ve seen High-Definition television; it made colors brighter and offers a sharper focus. At Canyon Lake Optical you can have that same experience with your eyeglasses.

We can custom-make your lenses to fit your eyes like tailor-made clothes fit your body. You can expect:

  • Exceptional night/low light vision: High-Definition lenses can reduce glare and halo effects caused by light sources at night, such as car headlights.
  • Exceptional contrast perception: High-Definition lenses can sharpen vision.
  • Exceptional color vision: High-Definition lenses can maximize the optics built into your lenses, providing brighter and more intense colors.

While everyone can benefit to a certain extent from High-Definition lenses, people with complex prescriptions and progressive wearers will notice the greatest visual improvements.

Package Price Includes:

  1. Digitally Customized Lenses
  2. Premium Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare Coating*
  3. Polycarbonate (strongest lenses made)
  4. Any frame of your choice

*17 layers with both oleophobic and hydrophobic properties and a 2-year warranty.